Conference Details + Training Workshop

Traditionally UPW Pharma relies on advice from the industry experts that also work with USP and ISPE. This year our advisory panel includes: Dr. T.C. Soli, President of Soli Pharma Solutions, Dr. Anthony Bevilacqua, head of R&D at Mettler-Toledo Thornton, both member of USP Pharmaceutical Water Expert Panel, and John Wammes, CEO of Water Works Inc and Immediate Past President of ISPE San Diego Chapter.

In 2017 UPW Pharma will consist of two parts: day one of the conference will feature 30-60 minute presentations by subject matter experts and industrial end-users such as Pfizer and Genentech focusing on design, maintenance, validation, and operations of pharmaceutical water systems.

Day 1 will feature a presentation on sampling of pharmaceutical water by Brian Hagopian, CPIP Team Leader of the new ISPE Good Practice Guide: Sampling for Pharmaceutical Water, Steam, and Process Gases.

Day 2: T.C. Soli will lead the Training Workshop that focuses on harmonization between EP and USP, production of WFI by non-distillation, and microbial control in pharmaceutical water.

ISPE/UPW Pharma 2017 Networking & Drinks Reception

The reception will open in Broadway IV at 6:00 with a brief address from a senior ISPE member about their work creating water-focused ISPE guides. 

We’ll then move downstairs to the Hilton bar, which will be open from 6:00 – 7:00pm.

Join us for free drinks, networking and great discussions.

2017 Advisory Panel

John Wammes

President & CEO,
Water Works, Inc.

Emily Stump

Director of Operations,
Pacific Northwest,
Commissioning Agents, Inc
Dr. Anthony Bevilacqua

Anthony Bevilacqua

Head of R & D,
Joe Manfredi

Joe Manfredi

GMP Systems